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WBTV: Tryon Medical Partners is looking for 900 participants in latest COVID-19 vaccine trial

As of Jan. 6, 2021, we have the participants needed to ensure the successful clinical trial of this COVID-19 vaccine. Thank you for your interest!

WBTV’s Caroline Hicks spoke with Dr. Ryan Shelton for this Nov. 10, 2020, story about Tryon Medical Partners’ new COVID-19 vaccine trial, the ENSEMBLE Study.

Below are the story highlights; click here to watch the entire story.

  • In July, Tryon Medical Partners in Charlotte announced its participation in the Moderna trial. Now, they are registering patients for another trial known as the Ensemble Study. It’s with a company called Janssen, through Johnson & Johnson.
  • “It doesn’t get to this point if it’s not safe so I think people need to be willing to consider participating because that’s how we move forward,” said Dr. Ryan Shelton, with Tryon Medical Partners.
  • They are specifically looking for adults 65 and older, adults 18 to 64 in high-risk jobs and people of color to participate.
  • The Johnson & Johnson study did have to take a temporary pause due to one adverse outcome but has since gotten the green light to continue.
  • “It turns out that an independent safety review board outside of the study determined there was no proof that there were a cause and effect relationship,” Dr. Shelton said.
  • Patients who sign up to participate will be paid for their time.

Visit our Clinical Research webpage to learn more about the ENSEMBLE Study.