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Tryon Medical – Proactive Team Partner Testing Update

Tryon Medical Partners routinely performs proactive COVID-19 testing of its nearly 500-person team to ensure its offices are optimized for patient safety.

Our October 29, 2020, COVID-19 screening salivary test for Tryon Medical providers and team partners were negative. To learn more about salivary testing, read Dr. Jennifer Womack’s article, “The 5 Ws of COVID-19 Testing.”

Proactive staff screening is just one way Tryon Medical Partners has worked diligently to keep illness out of its offices. Since the beginning of the pandemic, COVID-19, flu and strep screenings and testing have been performed at its remote testing facilities.

Tryon Medical Partners urges patients not cancel or postpone treatment out of fear, and encourages everyone to prioritize their wellness and stay as healthy as possible, now and through 2021.