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Satellite Location for Evaluation and Testing

*The Matthews COVID-19 testing facility is closed.*

Tryon Medical Partners has opened two satellite locations to provide greater access to evaluation and testing for patients exhibiting flu-like symptoms. These locations are helping us keep our offices sanitized and optimized for your safety.

Tryon Medical Partners is now exclusively using a COVID-19 test that returns results in 30 hours.

To access our remote testing locations, YOU MUST:

  • Have symptoms that include fever, cough or difficulty breathing
  • Be prescreened by phone or via Virtual Urgent Care

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call Tryon Medical Partners or access Virtual Urgent Care to be evaluated for remote testing.
  2. If remote testing is appropriate, you will be told to proceed to one of our remote testing locations to meet our dedicated team of Tryon Medical Partners doctors and staff.
  3. Depending upon your symptoms, we may administer a flu test first; the results will be returned while you wait.
  4. If the flu test is negative, a COVID-19 test may be administered, depending upon your symptoms, exposure risk (travel to affected areas or known contact with infected persons), underlying conditions, etc.

The two satellite testing locations are as follows:

*The Matthews COVID-19 testing facility is closed.*

Tryon Satellite Location Matthews
630 Matthews Township Parkway (in the former Rite Aid building)
Tryon Satellite Location Midtown
900 East Morehead Street (in the former Art’s BBQ building)