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Remote Testing Location: Opening Tuesday, March 17

*The Gaston and Matthews COVID-19 testing facilities are closed.*

Tryon Medical Partners will open our remote testing location to give patients access to flu and COVID-19 testing without leaving their vehicles. Starting Tuesday, March 17, the first location will be in Matthews, located at 630 Matthews Township Parkway, with more to come.

Tryon Medical patients who have been prescreened by phone or through Tryon Virtual Connect can see a dedicated team of Tryon Medical Partners doctors and staff, to discuss coronavirus symptoms and concerns. They will administer a flu test first; the results will be returned while the patient waits. If the flu test is negative, a COVID-19 test may be administered.

Whether or not patients need to be tested for COVID-19 will be based on symptoms, exposure risk (travel to affected areas or known contact with infected persons), underlying conditions, etc. Patients will not receive a COVID-19 test if they have no coronavirus symptoms. Results are returned in two to three days.

To access remote testing locations, YOU MUST:

  • Be prescreened by phone or Tryon Virtual Connect
  • Have symptoms that include fever, cough or difficulty breathing

Remote Testing & Insurance

If a patient is insured:
  • Step 1:  Sick visit either through Tryon Virtual Connect On Demand or at the satellite clinic  — This is just like seeing your doctor for a regular visit and you would be billed for your co-pay or the total visit if you have a high-deductible health plan. If through this visit it is determined you need testing:
  • Step 2:  Rapid flu test at the satellite clinic — This, too, is just like seeing your doctor at the office and you would be charged for the test per your insurance plan. If the flu test returns negative:
  • Step 3: COVID-19 test at the satellite clinic — All insurance companies are covering the cost of this test and you would not be charged.
If a patient is uninsured:
  • If the uninsured person is already an established patient with Tryon, then we would see them for a sick visit and they would pay upfront, in the same manner they do for other regular visits. We would proceed in this way through the same three steps above.
  • If the uninsured patient is not an established patient they would need to go to the hospital or a public health site for testing.