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Four great years of strengthening ties to our community

“We’ve built a market presence that’s local because healthcare is local,” says Jordan Archer, Tryon Medical Partners’ Senior Vice President of Operations. “The challenge now becomes continuing to maintain those ties to our community.”

As Tryon Medical celebrates its four-year anniversary this month, the largest independent practice in the area continues its commitment to building a strong community presence.

The challenges of COVID-19 tested the resilience of healthcare workers, but it also gave Tryon new opportunities to make a difference in the community. A few examples include Tryon’s participation in two COVID-19 vaccine trials along with clinical research partner Javara. Tryon registered nurse Janet Cline sewed and donated hundreds of facemasks, even creating one with a see-through plastic panel for deaf patients who read lips to communicate. Internal medicine physician Dr. Melissa James turned the spotlight on the unfair impact of COVID-19 on communities of color.

And it doesn’t take a full-blown pandemic to bring out the best in Tryon Medical team partners. Dr. Claire Wilder represented Tryon as sponsor of the Heart of Charlotte Awards ceremony in October 2021. Presented by Northeastern University, the Heart of Charlotte Awards recognized individuals and organizations that have embraced the spirit of serving others, by strengthening neighborhood connections, investing in educational achievement, creating jobs and supporting business development, and fostering social, racial and health equity. In addition,Tryon Medical team partners continue to support NCMedAssist, an organization that provides free prescriptions to those in need. Tryon was the highest fundraiser for the organization’s “Pancakes & Beer 5K” held in December 2021. 

And just this August, Tryon team partners supported the Tour de Turns, raising $2,900 for the event, which was able to contribute $115,500 for Loaves and Fishes/Friendship Trays to work to fight hunger in Mecklenburg County.

Embracing the community is as much about giving back on the grassroots level as about building a healthcare home for patients throughout the region. Four years after opening its doors, Tryon Medical is ready to stay this course for the next leg of the journey.