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Tryon Medical Partners Announces Partnership with Javara to Offer Clinical Trials to Patients


CHARLOTTE AND WINSTON-SALEM, NC — Javara and Tryon Medical Partners today announced that they have formed a collaboration to offer industry-sponsored, outpatient clinical trials to Tryon Medical Partners’ patients.

“This partnership is a win-win for both our patients and doctors,” said Dr. Dale Owen, CEO of Tryon Medical Partners and a cardiologist with the practice.  “Our patients will now have an opportunity to directly participate in advanced medical trials at no cost, and our doctors will be able to work closely with Javara’s medical professionals on the development of an array of innovative new drugs and interventions.”

It is also another significant milestone in Tryon’s rapid growth and development since we opened our first of eight clinics in the Charlotte region last September,” Owen added.

Javara’s Clinical Trial Navigators will be embedded within Tryon’s clinics in South Park and Uptown and work alongside Tryon’s doctors and medical staff. Javara and Tryon will initially conduct clinical trials in internal medicine, endocrinology and dermatology.  The team expects initial trials to begin in September 2019, and to grow to have 35 to 45 clinical trials underway within the first 18 months.

“Javara is very pleased to be partnering with the Tryon Medical Partners team to incorporate clinical research into their care offerings to patients and we are eager to get started,” said Jennifer Byrne, CEO of Javara.  “We have watched Dr. Owen and his fellow doctors with great interest since they formed an independent practice last year, and believe we have found the perfect partner to work with in the Charlotte region to better integrate clinical research as part of care options for patients.”

The trials are part of the testing required by the Federal Drug Administration before new drugs or devices are approved for broad use with patients.


Javara is a Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Integrated Research Organization driven to change the clinical research experience and expand access to clinical trials – for both providers and patients.  The Javara team includes seasoned clinical research leaders who have collectively led over 10,000 trials and engaged more than 200,000 people in clinical trials. More information about Javara is at http://javararesearch.com.

Tryon Medical Partners

Tryon Medical Partners is a doctor-owned medical practice with 64 internists and 25 specialty physicians covering cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, pulmonary and sleep medicine. The practice operates eight clinics across the Charlotte metropolitan region totaling more than 160,000 square feet and serve more than 110,000 patients.

In June 2019 Tryon Medical Partners announced “Tryon Direct” to self insured mid-sized and large businesses in the Charlotte region. This new offering provides participating businesses with unlimited and same day appointments with their primary care physicians — and will enable participating businesses to reduce their overall healthcare costs by 15-25% annually.  More information about the practice is at https://tryonmed.com, https://tryondirect.com and on Facebook.