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Tryon Medical to Co-host Blood Drives With COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Someone in the U.S. needs blood every two seconds, and one in ten patients who show up to a hospital will need blood. Tryon Medical Partners will co-host a series of blood drives with The Blood Connection, an organization that is offering COVID-19 Antibody Testing to all donors, at no cost! This testing will detect if the donor’s blood contains the COVID-19 antibodies. This is not COVID-19 diagnostic testing. Positive test results do not confirm infection or immunity.

Tryon Medical Partners & The Blood Connection Blood Drive – BALLANTYNE

Friday, May 29

10 AM – 3 PM

Tryon Medical Partners Ballantyne (16817 Marvin Road)

REGISTRATION IS FULL – Thanks for your interest!


Tryon Medical Partners & The Blood Connection Blood Drive – STEELE CREEK

Friday, June 5

11 AM – 4 PM

Tryon Medical Partners Steele Creek (13557 Steelecroft Parkway, Suite 1200)

REGISTRATION IS FULL – Thanks for your interest!


More about The Blood Connection’s COVID-19 Antibody Test:

After you have donated blood, you will be able to view the results of your COVID-19 Antibody Test in your TBC Donor Portal. These results will take about seven business days after your donation to process and be listed. Please note, a positive COVID-19 Antibody Test does not mean that you are immune from COVID-19 or any other virus. However, it does mean that you may be eligible to donate convalescent plasma and help those who are still recovering from the virus. Learn more about The Blood Connection’s COVID-19 Antibody Test.


Blood Drive FAQs:

If I cannot donate blood or make it to the blood drive, can I still get a COVID-19 Antibody Test?

Read this article to learn how Tryon Medical Partners is handing COVID-19 Antibody Tests.

Will Tryon Medical Partners do another blood drive with free COVID-19 Antibody Testing?

Our hope is to do more blood drives in the future. When they are scheduled, we will send out an email with details. If you do not already receive Tryon Medical Partners’ Health Hacks emails, sign up here.

How reliable is the COVID-19 Antibody Test that The Blood Connection is using?

The test The Blood Connection is using was developed by Mount Sinai Health System and will be processed at MUSC in Charleston. While this test is very reliable, false positives and negatives can occur due to when the blood donor takes the test. Everyone develops antibodies for different illnesses at varying rates.

How is a COVID-19 Antibody Test different from a regular COVID-19 test? What does an antibody tell me?


If you currently are not feeling well and think you could have symptoms of COVID-19, please DO NOT come to donate blood at this time. Stay home, call Tryon Medical Partners, and donate blood when you are feeling well again. Remember: The TBC COVID-19 Antibody Test does not test if you currently have COVID-19.