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“As seen on TV” – your clinician’s favorite medical show

With Tryon Medical Partners healthcare staff

There is no shortage of TV shows, movies and books that have healthcare staff as their main characters. But what do real-life doctors and nurses think about them? Tryon Medical Partners staff weigh in on some of the shows that make them laugh, cry, contemplate and everything in between.

Healthcare professionals love the gleeful grossness of TLC’s “Dr. Pimple Popper.” 

As it turns out, your doctor may share your guilty pleasure for pimple-popping videos, especially those brought to us by Dr. Sandra Lee. While admittedly disgusting, there is nothing like the pure satisfaction of watching Dr. Pimple Popper at work. 

“My favorite healthcare show is ‘Dr. Pimple Popper,’ hands down,” says Tiffany at Tryon’s Southpark location. “Of course, it’s kind of gross but also kind of cool and usually something you don’t get to see everyday, so there is always something new to learn.”

Dr. House’s cases are difficult even for fellow professionals to crack. 

Although not always the most accurate, Tryon clinicians have deep respect for Fox’s “House.” The show provides an in-depth look at challenging cases and acknowledges that medical care is not black and white: there is a lot of gray to navigate in providing quality medical care. 

“I enjoy how the show examined Dr. House’s thought process and how he arrives at his diagnosis,” Dr. Erin Stone, a gynecologist at Tryon Women’s Center, notes. “The producers definitely took some creative liberties with the medical science, but it was great entertainment nonetheless!”

ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” provides a healthy dose of nostalgia.

“Grey’s Anatomy” is famous for focusing on how the personal and professional lives of medical residents can, and must, intertwine. For many Tryon staff members, “Grey’s” provides a pleasant stroll down memory lane – reminding them how they worked their way up to accomplish their goals. 

“I’ve always loved ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ I started watching it when I began my first nursing job out of school because it came on TV when I would wake up after working a night shift,” Lauren, a nurse at the Southpark location, shares. “At that time, the residents on the show were seeing some of what I was working on as a nurse. It’s obviously cheesy and inaccurate but after 10 years, I can’t shake my love for it.” 

“Scrubs” may be goofy – but it’s the most accurate representation of being a healthcare professional. 

You may not guess that a show with an entire song dedicated to toilet humor is the most accurate portrayal of the medical world – but you’d be wrong. Originally aired on NBC, “Scrubs” may be a high-energy, silly and dramatized version of starting out in a hospital as a medical intern, but it accurately reflects the roles of various healthcare professionals and the fast-paced, comedic environment healthcare can often be.

“Not only is ‘Scrubs’ hilarious, it also is pretty accurate as far as these shows go,” Bandaa Setliff, a pulmonary nurse at the Southpark location, notes. “And even better, it has a heartfelt message.” 

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