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The Farinella family came for convenience, and stayed for the smiles!

Stacie and Anthony Farinella are pictured on vacation standing with their three childrenStacie and Anthony Farinella have busy jobs, three kids, and very little time to waste. Fortunately, quality healthcare is not something they need to worry about. The Farinellas put the “family” in family medicine – their entire family, including parents, children, and in-laws, rely on Tryon Medical Partners for all of their healthcare needs. 

Stacie and Anthony first discovered Dr. Gregory O’Leary’s Gaston-based practice when they were new to the Charlotte area and struggling to find a doctor for their baby. 

“We were frantically looking for pediatricians to vaccinate our daughter  so we could send her to daycare,” says Stacie. “Other clinicians were booked out for months, but thankfully Dr. O’Leary found a way to get us in for an appointment.”

Dr. O’Leary’s practice has remained a convenient option whenever the Farinella family needs care. They note that they’ve always been able to get an appointment when they need one, even if Dr. O’Leary isn’t available. The other members of Dr. O’Leary’s care team (Hunter Glasgow, PA-C and Samantha Stowe, PA-C) are readily available and eager to help. 

“I appreciate that Tryon is always fast with responding, whether it’s over the phone or through the patient portal,” says Stacie. “When all three of our kids (8, 13, and 15 years old) were sick over the holidays, Dr. O’Leary was booked, but Hunter was available. He had them tested for all possible viral infections and they were better in no time. There’s never been a situation in which we had to wait to go to the doctor, and the busy holiday season was no exception.”

But it’s not just the convenience of Dr. O’Leary’s team that has kept the Farinella family coming back. The Farinellas share that Dr. O’Leary is a true family medicine clinician – he looks after the whole family with unmatched care and consideration. 

“Dr. O’Leary is so much more than a white coat. He’s a true family doctor. My family has a history of heart attack and stroke, which makes me worried,” Anthony shares. “As soon as I mentioned this to Dr. O’Leary, he understood because he treats my father, too. He referred me to all of the other clinicians I should see and gave me clear next steps to follow.” 

Even their children appreciate Dr. O’Leary’s playfulness and friendliness – they often leave his office with a smile. The two Farinella boys look forward to going to the doctor because they know it’ll include a game of trash can basketball in the office with Dr. O’Leary, whereas their daughter has a seven-year game of hide-and-seek that picks up every time she sees him. 

“Our daughter used to hide from Dr. O’Leary because she hated her shots,” Stacie says. “Even though she’s 8 now, she still does but it’s just to keep the game going!”

To the Farinellas, Dr. O’Leary is more than the clinician to see when they’re sick with a virus, nervous about a new symptom, or due for an annual wellness visit. 

“Going to Dr. O’Leary’s office is like running into a friend,” Anthony jokes. “I went to his office yesterday and he asked how my mom is doing, because she’s also a patient. He knows the entire family.”

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