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What is family medicine and is it right for me?

When it comes to healthcare, you’ve probably heard of internal medicine (i.e. the clinician who you visit for annual checkups and when you are sick). But what about family medicine? Both internal medicine and family medicine provide primary care so which one is right for you? 

Family Medicine Versus Internal Medicine

Simply put, family medicine specialists are trained in preventative care and equipped to diagnose and manage chronic conditions in patients of all ages. This includes newborns, children, adolescents, and adults (all the way through seniors). So as the name implies, the whole family can be seen at one practice. Internal medicine clinicians, on the other hand, focus primarily on adults ages 18+ (with some starting at ages 16+).

Those in and around Gaston County may not realize that Tryon Medical Partners Gaston specializes in family healthcare, and its board certified physicians and clinical team all have training in pediatrics (and a dedicated waiting room for its youngest patients). For physician assistant Hunter Glasgow, pediatrics is what drew him to the field of family medicine in the first place.

“I always loved pediatrics and specialized in it during my training,” he says. “But I also wanted to offer services to patients of all ages. To me, family medicine is about more than just medicine–it also involves the physical, mental, and emotional, allowing you to establish a trustworthy bond.”

Since family medicine spans all ages, there is a continuity of care for the patient. Pediatric patients will not outgrow their clinician and need to look for care elsewhere. Along with convenience, seeing the same clinician provides additional perspective regarding family health history. Tryon Gaston cares for several members (and even generations) of the same family.

For Hunter, prioritizing patient care is a top priority, which led him to Tryon Medical Partners because of its patient-centered approach.

“At Tryon, it’s not about seeing the most number of patients, it’s about the time you spend with each patient and providing them the best possible care,” he says, adding, “Quality over quantity.”

Find a Family Medicine Specialist Near You

Ready to begin seeing a family medicine physician? Whether it’s establishing care before your baby is born, coming for a two-week well-check visit, or switching clinicians so your family’s healthcare is all under one roof, the team of family medicine specialists at Tryon Medical Partners Gaston is ready to meet you.

Our office is located at 924 Cox Road and appointments are available 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (704) 800-4268.