Dermatology – Virtual Visit Resources

To make the most of your virtual visit with your dermatologist, please take a photo of your area of concern and upload it to our virtual visit software. Here’s how:

Step One: Preparing to Photograph

To take the best photos for your dermatologist to review your lesion or rash:

  • Choose a well-lit place with diffuse, indirect light, and as neutral a background as possible.
  • For best results, photograph outdoors in bright but even light – in the shade if it’s sunny or under no cover if overcast.
  • If you need to shoot indoors, choose a well-lit area, perhaps near a window. Use flash as needed to reduce shadow, but if the flash creates overexposed “white” spots in the picture, turn it off.
  • If possible, have another person take the picture if you can.

Step Two: Taking Your Photograph

Take three views, all directly in front of the lesion or rash (not at an angle). We are looking for a:

  1. Wide shot – including the entire body or obvious region
  2. Medium shot – including the area with a recognizable body part like hand or navel
  3. Close-up shot – getting as close as you can still keeping the lesion or rash in focus.
Having trouble getting your close-up shot to stay in focus? Read our Dermatologist Tips for Skin Photography.

Step Three: Uploading Your Photos

  1. Log into the virtual visit portal by clicking here.
  2. Choose your dermatologist from dropdown list.
  3. Follow the prompts to check in.
  4. Once connected, your doctor will request a file transfer. Click on, “Select file to share.”
  5. Select the photos you took from your phone’s camera roll, as you would to text or email them.
  6. Click, “Done.”