Dermatologist Tips for Skin Photography

Taking a close-up photograph of a lesion or rash for your virtual visit with your dermatologist can be tricky. However it is helpful in making the most of your appointment.

Follow these tips:

  • Center the lesion or rash in middle of phone frame. Tap on the screen where lesion or rash appears. This will choose a focus location and help adjust lighting.
  • Mobile phone cameras do not focus well when you get too close. If you have trouble focusing, step back and use the camera’s zoom feature. Here’s how:
    iPhone – Zoom in with an outward pinch or put your finger on the 1x circle, and slide the “rotator” until you see a close view of the lesion/rash

    Android – pinch with two fingers 
  • If you are taking pictures yourself, do the best you can. Use the front-facing (selfie) feature if the lesion or rash is in a place that is hard to reach. There is no zoom feature on a front-facing camera. You can prop the camera up and use the timer feature as well.