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Celebrating four years of investing in the patient

“The most inspiring day of my career was our first day seeing patients in Pineville. It demonstrated to us that our ‘why’ for the practice was right on target,” notes Dr. Dale Owen, Tryon Medical Partners’ CEO. “They already loved the care they were getting from us, but they needed more control over their healthcare than the system could afford us as clinicians.”

The road to opening Tryon Medical Partners four years ago this month began years previous, according to Owen: “We have cared for some of these families for generations. We know them so well that we felt we could anticipate what was important to them. We knew we had to create a space for them to be heard and have more choice in their care.”

To Owen and the Tryon team, building the practice is about fulfilling this promise. The relationships were there. The understanding of needs was there. Established patients were there and ready for an improved approach to their healthcare. From that first day, it was all about the patient, and this has not wavered in the last four years.

Tryon’s patient-first approach is fairly simple: put the patient and their needs at the forefront, while assembling a team that believes in this approach and a system that allows a best-practice level of care.

“We believe that your medical home should be a place where physicians are invested in the patient,” adds Owen. “It’s about them and not the organization.”

What’s the plan for the next four, or eight, or 30 years? Stay the course of patient-centric care and a patient-centric organization by continuing to hire based on who can best contribute to this successful mission. And never, ever stop listening to the patient.