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WSOC: Tryon Medical’s Dr. Ryan Shelton on COVID-19 Variant Strain

A variant of COVID-19 has found its way to the United States, and doctors say it’s only a matter of time until it makes its way to the Carolinas. The COVID-19 variant has already caused a national lockdown in the United Kingdom. While the mutated virus is not more deadly than COVID-19, it spreads more easily because those who have it carry it in larger concentrations, possibly for longer periods of time. 

“The challenging thing is that we are already in a surge, so if we have a new variant that is more contagious, over time that is going to pose some major challenges,” said Dr. Ryan Shelton. “When you’re coughing, talking, sneezing, singing, and you have a higher amount of virus, then there is more to spread.”

Tryon Medical’s Dr. Ryan Shelton talked with WSOC’s Damany Lewis about the new strain in this Jan. 4 story.