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WBTV: Doctors with Tryon Medical Partners cope during pandemic

WBTV posted this March 30, 2020, story by Dedrick Russell on how Tryon Medical Partners doctor Jennifer Womack, and her fellow physicians, are coping with the stress of testing and treating patients with COVID-19.

Read below for highlights of the story, and watch the story on the WBTV website.

  • Dr. Jennifer Womack is one of more than 90 doctors associated with Tryon Medical Partners. It has set up two mobile testing sites for people with symptoms.
  • “This is my job,” Womack said. “I went to school for a lot of years to do this and I have a lot of wonderful training and I’ve had wonderful physician mentors.”
  • She knows her job can be stressful but is glad she has a team of doctors she can lean on.
  • “I think that we help each other stay grounded,” Womack said. “And we find lots of ways to add humor to the day.”
  • March 20 is recognized as National Doctor’s Day.
  • Womack didn’t know that because she is busy on the front-lines fighting COVID-19.
  • Womack has a message for people to stay healthy. Tryon Medical Partners is open for people who are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. The doctor says if you need them to make an appointment.
  • “Follow up with your regular appointments as scheduled,” Womack said. “Even if you are not feeling ill, because keeping you healthy is absolutely critical.”
  • The doctor believes if people with existing illnesses stay healthy then it will free up hospital beds for those who are battling COVID-19.