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When to Make the Switch from a Pediatrician to an Adult Doctor

As the college years approach for families, many transitions are on the horizon. But one of the most important transitions may not be top of mind. When is the right time for your college-aged child to switch from a pediatrician to an adult doctor?

Tryon Medical Partners is here to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Our physicians are passionate about building long-lasting relationships with our patients, acting as partners in health through every stage of life.

We provide the advantages of consistent, quality care, with doctors who get to know the student and their full health history. Think of us as your medical quarterbacks, always ready to make the right calls.

Your Tryon doctor is a trusted resource for a variety of health needs, including:

  1. Physicals and immunization records. Colleges require immunization records, which may need to be submitted as early as orientation over the summer. By scheduling a wellness visit early, your student will have all medical information in hand.
  2. Wellness visits. In addition to a physical exam, a wellness visit provides an opportunity to review and educate young adults on topics such as healthy relationships, safe sexual practices, drugs and alcohol, and mental health.
  3. Follow-ups. Your student’s doctor will follow up on a wide range of chronic medical problems including anxiety, asthma/allergies, ADD and birth control management.
  4. Sick visits and medications. Students can schedule an appointment with their Tryon doctor in Charlotte over school breaks. Appointments include annual physicals and sick visits for conditions such as cold, flu, urinary tract infections, skin infections, gastroenteritis and more. When needed, prescriptions can be sent to the student’s preferred pharmacy at their campus location.
  5. Virtual visits. Tryon Medical Partners is introducing a special College Health Program this summer, which includes a package of virtual visits with your student’s doctor throughout the school year. This program is for any student attending college in North or South Carolina.
  6. Assistance with medical decision making. While at school and experiencing illness or medical issues, our board certified physicians can help your student determine whether they need to be seen in person at campus health, urgent care or the emergency room.

Several physicians on the Tryon team specialize in care for younger patients approaching the college years. For your convenience, these doctors are at multiple office locations throughout the Charlotte area. To schedule an appointment, please call their offices directly:

Anne Barnard, MD




Jeffrey Constantine, MD




Kym Furney, MD




Maureen Rafferty, MD




Ryan Shelton, MD




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