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TV Interview: Allergies: Dr. Ryan Shelton talks about one of the toughest seasons on the sinuses

When fall arrives, it brings fall allergies. I dropped by my friends at “Charlotte Today,” with five ways to get relief during this prime allergy season. Watch the interview here, or see my tips below!

  1. Avoid allergens by washing your clothes and hair more often. Change your pillowcases frequently and keep your windows closed.
  2. Rinse your sinuses. Invest in a Neti pot and use it as directed.
  3. Get the right nasal spray. There is a big difference between saline spray and steroidal nasal sprays, which have been proven to be highly effective.
  4. Use medicine as directed. A once-a-day antihistamine will work wonders, but you must take it every day, not just when you feel worse.
  5. Know when you need to consult an allergist. If your symptoms are bad enough, consider getting a referral to a specialist and investing in allergy shots.