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Beating the Winter Blues

Follow these health tips to help boost mood, reduce stress and ease anxiety:

  1. Turn on the tunes. Listening to music can elevate your mood, increase motivation/efficiency and aid in relaxation.
  2. Bundle up and get some fresh air. Taking walks, going for a bike ride, or partaking in winter sports can all help elevate mood, while burning calories.
  3. Join a gym or sign up for drop-in classes like yoga, Pilates, or spin. These can help elevate your mood, while keeping you fit. Inviting a friend to come with you to an exercise class can help boost motivation. Going to a gym or exercise class is also a great way to meet new people.
  4. Socialize by meeting up with friends for lunch, dinner, or a cup of tea/coffee for a good mood booster.
  5. Take up a new hobby: knitting, crocheting, woodworking, painting, jigsaw puzzles etc. is another good way to increase confidence, reduce stress and beat the winter blues. Working on a jigsaw puzzle is relaxing, affordable and a great bonding activity for family and friends.
  6. Plan that trip you’ve been wanting to cross off your bucket list.
  7. Limit the comfort foods. Focus on consuming more lean protein, vegetables and low sugar fruits. Comfort foods are often packed with carbohydrates, which leads to increased weight, especially if you’re not as active.
  8. Limit your screen time. This can help boost productivity by decreasing distractions and using the time spent to engage in more meaningful activities, like spending time with family or friends, and physical activity.
  9. Boost your Vitamin D intake. Increasing Vitamin D can help improve mood, the immune system and overall energy. Discuss what dose you should be taking with your medical provider.
  10. Talk to your medical provider if you are experiencing moderate to severe depression.