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Patient Chris Economides explains how his friend “Dr. Pete” Copsis helped him manage his ADHD

Ever since they were children, Chris Economides has called Peter Copsis a friend. Today, he just calls him “Dr. Pete.”

“Peter and I grew up together,” recalled Chris who remembers Dr. Copsis as quiet and super intelligent. “At 12 years old, he was reading chemistry when I was reading comic books.” It never surprised Chris that his childhood friend would graduate at the top of his classes at UNC and Duke, and become one of Charlotte’s finest physicians. He was grateful for it a few years ago, when he needed help controlling a new ADHD diagnosis.

“In my last few visits with my other doctor, I wasn’t happy,” said Chris. “I wasn’t getting the results, time or dedication I needed. That doctor misdiagnosed me, and had me on a medication that just wasn’t working.” Chris’ wife suggested giving Dr. Copsis a call.

“Pete is so analytical,” said Chris. “He asks a million questions that no one else will ask. That’s not just because I’m his friend. He’d do the same for you.”

Recently, Chris had an insurance issue that required substantial detective work to solve. Practice manager Kayle Hall stepped in and helped Chris negotiate the complicated web of insurance, HSAs and invoicing. “I want to give Kayle a positive plug. When I needed her help, she stepped up to the plate. She has been so patient and helpful.”

When they are not patient-and-doctor, Chris and Dr. Copsis volunteer at an Orthodox Greek Christian camp, where they share a lot of laughs.

“I know I am going to heaven,” Chris said. “But if there’s anyone ahead of me, it’s Dr. Pete.”

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