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Four years (and counting) of building a practice around people

When the Tryon Medical team partners welcomed patients four years ago this month, a sense of inclusivity, trust and belonging drove the dynamics of this newly formed independent practice.

“We kicked off a practice that operated around patients — and a company built around people,” says CEO Dr. Dale Owen. “We can’t stress enough to our team partners that they are family members and they matter as individuals.”

That foundation now serves Tryon Medical both inside and outside of the office. As the team continues to expand in the Charlotte region, organizational success is measured by individual success. Care teams are built on supporting and maintaining physician and staff relationships.

“We fully understand that we can’t take care of our patients unless we first take care of our people,” adds Owen. “And we seek team members with a deep-seated understanding of and desire to help people. It’s served all of us well — and will continue to do so.”

For patients, this approach results in better healthcare outcomes, says Sam Shores, an advanced care provider at Tryon: “It never fails to amaze me how quickly decisions are made and changes are then put in place here.”

Tryon Medical’s team approach will reach into the next four years and beyond, adds Shores. He looks forward to the future, anticipating expanded specialty emphases and more research opportunities to benefit Tryon patients. 

Continuous advancements come from within, and Tryon seeks team partners willing to commit to constant improvement. The current plan is simply to stay the course that team partners now follow: hiring those who fit the culture and always take patient-centric service to heart. As a result, Tryon Medical can continue to deliver on the promise of building stronger relationships for better health.