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COVID, flu, and RSV winter 2024 update

As of early February 2024, COVID activity seems to have peaked and is on its way down. This is the same trend as previous years where COVID peaked twice: once in late summer and again in January. It’s important to note that COVID is a year-round virus!

The JN.1 is now the predominant variant of Omicron, and is no more severe than previous strains. COVID is still much more contagious and more likely to cause death than the flu. Tryon still recommends getting the most recent version of the COVID vaccine to lessen the severity of symptoms should you contract it.

Flu levels remain high, as do new cases of RSV. Fortunately, the efficacy rate of the RSV vaccine is 83 to 94%, and it appears to provide protection for at least two seasons. Tryon will share more data and research as it becomes available.

Remember to keep up with your regular checkups and screenings! Working with your Tryon care team to stay as healthy as you can is the best way to prepare for whatever winter illness may befall you.