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WSOC: Tryon Medical’s Dr. Ryan Shelton offers perspective on President Trump’s COVID-19 infection

President Donald Trump was hospitalized Friday, Oct. 2, after testing positive for COVID-19 the day before. WSOC reached out to Tryon Medical Partners’ Dr. Ryan Shelton for background on the virus, which circumstances rise to the level of hospitalization and what doctors can do to treat symptoms of COVID-19.

Below are highlights of the story from Dr. Shelton, filed by Genevieve Curtis.

  • It is much easier to act proactively, rather than emergently have to react to a declining situation.
  • Age alone, being over 65, is a risk factor. Being male is also a risk factor and weight has to come into consideration.
  • The test is one part of it, but they are not 100% especially the rapid tests. If you test too early it could still give you a false negative.
  • He still caught the infection. That’s the lesson, there is no perfect bubble. Coronavirus is still legitimate. It is still with us and we have to take all the precautions because it is so contagious. If the president can catch it, then we call can.

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