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What Is and What Is Not Covered During Your Annual Wellness Visit? Know the Difference.

At Tryon Medical Partners, your health is our top priority. We are an independent practice because it allows us to operate with greater transparency and a strong focus on the patient-doctor relationship.

With this in mind, we want to clarify certain insurance and billing matters related to your care.

Your annual wellness visit includes a check of your height, weight, bloodwork and vital signs. You and your doctor will discuss any changes to your health, and will work together to create a personal health plan for the year ahead.

Please note, there are certain areas that may not be covered by your insurance provider, Medicare or a Medicare Managed Care plan. This may require paying a copay or deductible during your annual wellness visit.

Understanding what is covered and what is not may help you determine ahead of time which topics you would like to discuss with your doctor.

These areas are not covered by your insurance during your annual wellness visit:

  • Sick visits. If your time with your doctor involves a discussion of an illness or symptoms, from an infection to abdominal pain, and your doctor recommends care or a treatment plan, you will be charged a copay and/or a deductible.
  • Chronic illnesses. Your insurance for your annual wellness visit does not cover any discussion, treatment or prescription of medications for chronic illnesses or conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. In this instance as well, you will be charged a copay and/or a deductible.

Of course, your doctor or care provider will talk with you about any topics you would like during your annual wellness visit. However, if you have a question about what may be covered and what is not, please do not hesitate to ask at the beginning of your visit.

You may decide to schedule a separate appointment to discuss topics that are not covered under your insurance plan. But if you would prefer to avoid scheduling another appointment, we will address any additional health needs at the same time as your wellness visit.

In advance of your appointment, we encourage you to consult with your insurance provider if you have questions or concerns about your coverage.

Our team is here to help you at every step of the process. We are committed to your good health, and we appreciate you choosing Tryon Medical Partners for your healthcare needs.