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Why You Should Have a Doctor (And We’re Not Just Talking COVID-19)

In this time of uncertainty when we are all social distancing, what are you supposed to do if you have an ongoing medical condition? Or wake up with a new ache or pain? How about feeling a sense of anxiety or sadness like you’ve never felt before? It’s important to maintain your overall health and wellness, now more than ever. 

There is a reason why routine healthcare is considered an essential service under our stay-at-home order. Tens of millions of people have chronic conditions that need managing to stay well and out of the hospital (especially now). Preventative care should also not be deferred, including taking stock of your mental and emotional health. If you don’t already have an established relationship with a doctor, there is no time like the present.

The medical team at Tryon Medical Partners is here to provide the answers to all your questions about how to handle routine care in the wave of a pandemic.

Are your offices still open? Is it safe to go in for an appointment?

All eight Tryon Medical Partners locations are open and safe for in-person visits. Our pre-screening protocols ensure no sick patients (or staff) are allowed in the office, all team partners are wearing masks and the offices are continuously sanitized. We have two designated satellite COVID-19 testing locations, keeping this medical issue separate from our regular offices.

I don’t have a doctor but I’d like to see one. Can I schedule a virtual visit?

You can now! In our ongoing efforts to keep this community healthy, Tryon Medical Partners has expanded our virtual visit offerings to accept new patients. You can schedule your appointment during normal office hours Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM. We have also extended our Virtual Urgent Care hours, giving you the option to see a doctor on-demand in the evening and on weekends (more on that later).

What kinds of things can a virtual visit cover?

If you feel you have a non-urgent medical concern, such as a rash, difficulty sleeping or managing stress, you can schedule an appointment and begin establishing a relationship with one of our doctors to see you through these difficult times. If you need help with ongoing issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, emphysema or rheumatoid arthritis, you can schedule these follow-up appointments virtually as well. It is important to not neglect your healthcare needs now (and always, really) to keep you well and out of the hospital.

What kinds of things can Tryon Medical help me with?

In-person and virtual appointments are available with our board certified physicians in eight speciality areas, including cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, pulmonary, rheumatology and sleep medicine. We are here to help manage your existing healthcare needs or tend to new ones that may arise.

Can I request to see my doctor when scheduling a virtual visit?

Yes. You can schedule a virtual visit with your regular primary care doctor or specialist. 

Is it true that I can schedule a virtual visit with an internal medicine doctor to discuss my anxiety?

Taking care of your mental and emotional health is paramount to your overall wellness, and our doctors are here to help you as we all learn to navigate this new normal.

I’m an existing patient. Can I change my upcoming appointment to a virtual visit?

Yes, you can. Simply give our office a call or make the change in your patient portal on our website.

I have an older family member due for their annual wellness visit. Should I have them wait it out until after this is over?

No, we need to be sure to not let any medical needs go right now in efforts to stay healthy and keep other health issues at bay. Tryon Medical is offering Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, for those 65 and older, either virtually or over the telephone. Any existing appointments can also be changed to a virtual visit, if preferred.

I see that you also have Virtual Urgent Care. What is this and how is it different from a regular virtual visit?

Many urgent cares are no longer open and we want to keep people out of hospitals, if possible. That is why we started our Virtual Urgent Care. If you have an immediate medical need, such as sore throat, cough, fever, difficulty breathing, allergy symptoms (think sneezing, watery eyes, stuffy nose, headache) or nasal/sinus congestion, you can turn to Tryon Medical’s Virtual Urgent Care, Monday-Friday 8AM-9PM and Saturdays and Sundays 9AM-2PM.

Can I schedule an appointment with Virtual Urgent Care if I’m not a patient?

Yes, you just need to register as a patient first, which you can do by calling our office at 704-495-6334. Once you have done that, you can click this link to choose from the list of our office locations, and click the button: BOOK APPOINTMENT. Once you are on the specific office scheduling page, click “New Patient” in the drop-down menu, and book your virtual visit.

Is it more expensive to use Virtual Urgent Care versus scheduling a regular virtual visit or an office visit?

Unlike traditional urgent care visits, our Virtual Urgent Care costs the same as any other appointment. 

Are virtual visits covered by my insurance?

Whether you have a scheduled virtual visit or choose Virtual Urgent Care, please note that major insurance now treats ALL virtual visits as “in-office,” with the same coverage as a normal office visit.

What should I do if I think I may have coronavirus?

If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, you may have coronavirus. The best thing to do is schedule an appointment with Virtual Urgent Care, so we can evaluate symptoms and triage to a higher level of care for further testing or evaluation. Tryon Medical Partners has two dedicated satellite locations, where we are now exclusively using a COVID-19 test that returns results in 30 hours. 

It is important to remember that while you may feel alone right now, you have a dedicated medical team who is just a phone call, click or visit away. Once you’ve established a relationship with a provider, you will have someone who knows you and your medical needs, who you can trust and depend on. Keep it up with the social distancing, hand washing and caring for your overall health. You’re doing great, and we are all in this together.