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Medicare Open Enrollment 2023

Senior patient with Tryon doctor

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program, generally available for people age 65 or older, younger people with disabilities and people with end-stage kidney disease. Just as different health insurance policies cover varying services and providers, some “parts” of Medicare help cover specific services.

What is Medicare Open Enrollment?

If you qualify for Medicare, you can review your health insurance options during Medicare Open Enrollment. Please note these important dates:

  • Open enrollment begins October 15, 2022
  • Open enrollment ends December 7, 2022
  • Coverage begins January 1, 2023

During Open Enrollment, newly eligible and existing Medicare patients can review coverage options and choose to:

  • Switch from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage (or vice versa)
  • Change from one Medicare Advantage plan to another
  • Add or change Medicare prescription drug plans
  • Make no changes to current Medicare coverage

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicare Advantage?


Original Medicare

Original Medicare is the traditional Medicare program, where the government pays directly for the healthcare services you receive. You can go to any doctor or hospital that takes Medicare in the U.S. and buy supplemental coverage to help pay out-of-pocket costs.

Original Medicare includes:

  • Part A (inpatient/hospital coverage)
  • Part B (outpatient/medical coverage)

You can add:

  • Part D (prescription drug coverage)
  • Supplemental coverage / Medigap

Medicare Advantage

Instead of Original Medicare, you can get your Medicare benefits from a Medicare Advantage health plan, also known as Medicare Part C. Medicare Advantage bundles the coverage you get under Original Medicare and can include additional benefits.

Medicare Advantage includes:

  • Part A (inpatient/hospital coverage)
  • Part B (outpatient/medical coverage)

Most plans also include:

  • Part D (prescription drug coverage)
  • Extra benefits (routine dental, hearing and vision care)

If you’re considering Medicare Advantage, please think about choosing a plan that includes your current Tryon clinicians.

Learn more about which Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans Tryon accepts on our Insurance page, and refer to the Medicare DIY section of our website for more information.